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Why Choose a Board Certified Orthodontist?


Why Choose a Board Certified Orthodontist?

Board certification goes beyond educational and state licensing requirements and demonstrates the commitment an orthodontist has to providing the best care possible. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, start by choosing a board certified orthodontist to ensure you’re working with a reputable doctor who will provide you with the best possible outcome.

What is the American Board of Orthodontics certification?

The American Board of Orthodontics board certification is a voluntary credential that shows an orthodontist has met rigorous professional criteria that demonstrates he or she upholds the highest industry standards that serve the common good of all patients. Only one out of three orthodontists meet this criteria.

The ABO Certification process requires that orthodontists complete clinical examinations that have been created by other orthodontists. Also, the American Board of Orthodontics is the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists.

In other words, a board-certified orthodontist has completed difficult exams and has been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by other orthodontists. Considering the certification process is voluntary, it truly demonstrates the doctor’s dedication to providing excellent patient care. The examination challenges an orthodontist’s knowledge and clinical abilities on how to treat cases of all different types and patient ages, so it’s an impressive accomplishment.

An orthodontist who is board-certified has not only demonstrated that they have the training and skills needed to properly treat patients, but that they are also committed to making sure these skills pass the test of time. Board-certified orthodontists must renew their certification every 10 years so you can count on a doctor who is up-to-speed on modern day best practices.

Why does orthodontic board certification matter?

Not all doctors are board certified, which means your orthodontic treatment may not meet the high-quality standards you deserve, and your treatment may fall short of the best possible outcome.

Would you hire a plumber to fix your air conditioner? Best case scenario: they’ll do an “ok” job, but they probably won’t have the tools or experience needed to get the job done as well as the HVAC repairman could have done the job.

The same applies to orthodontic treatment. While a dentist is ideal for providing general oral care, some dentists offer orthodontic treatment without having the specialized training or certification to do so. Therefore, patients may not receive the proper attention, which can sometimes lead to complications during or after their orthodontic treatment.

So how do you know if your doctor is board certified? The American Board of Orthodontics suggests asking the following questions:

  • Which accredited school did you graduate from and where did you complete your orthodontic residency?
  • Do you only provide orthodontic services, or do you also provide general dentistry services? (Certified orthodontists do not offer general dentistry services, so this is a red flag to look out for.)
  • Are you board certified by The American Board of Orthodontics?

Don’t leave your beautiful smile in just anyone’s hands. Board certified orthodontists are the best qualified doctors to diagnose and treat orthodontic health problems. They devote their professional lives to creating beautiful and healthy smiles for all, and your smile truly deserves the best!

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