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Inbrace Braces

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InBrace the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with an ideal treatment experience!

INBRACE is the truly invisible, incredibly innovative, no-compliance-necessary orthodontic treatment option for kids, teens and adults in Johnson City

How does InBrace work?

InBrace uses a Smartwire system and Gentleforce™ Technology to shift the teeth gently and efficiently, with minimal friction.

These unique Smartwire loops are custom-designed for your smile, using AI technology. 

Smartwire loops are specially-designed to shift each tooth to its final position, via the shortest path. This technique is made possible by Gentleforce™ Technology, developed for optimal, healthy tooth movement. (Traditional orthodontic treatment uses frictional force to align the teeth.) 

Instead of aligning all of the teeth at once (as traditional braces do), the InBrace system shifts teeth on an individual basis, which reduces treatment time. Gentleforce Technology can work more efficiently than traditional braces technology and starts to produce results in as little as two weeks!

Why InBrace


No elastic rubber bands spanning across your mouth. They’re bonded to the back surface of your teeth, which means only you and your orthodontist will know you’re wearing braces. This system allows for the utmost confidence throughout your treatment! Snap some selfies, play your favorite sports, perform in front of an audience, go on a date—whatever your day holds, you can smile confidently without feeling self-conscious of your treatment.


These braces only use Smartwire loops and low-profile brackets to align the teeth and bite. Other types of lingual braces use regularly-sized brackets, traditional straight wires, and thick metal bands that cover the back molars. Smartwires are designed to loop around each tooth, so you can brush and floss your teeth as you normally would without braces. This intelligent design minimizes the possibility of abrasions, damage to the cheeks, and other common orthodontic emergencies.

Shorter Treatment

These lingual braces are made to auto-adjust throughout your treatment! The average treatment requires only 2 wires to create a beautiful end result. InBrace braces can reduce total treatment time by weeks or months. Spend more time doing the things you love with shorter appointments (no monthly “tightening” appointments required), minimal risk of orthodontic emergency appointments, and no chance of losing aligners or appliances.

No Compliance

InBrace transforms your smile behind-the-scenes, throughout the day and night. The effectiveness of your treatment won’t rely on you remembering to wear your treatment for a set number of hours each day. And, instead of changing out your aligners for a new set every two weeks, your appliance will simply be adjusted at each of your orthodontic appointments.

Inbrace Orthodontics Treatment from Local Orthodontics

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