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How Long Do Adults Wear Braces?


As soon as you started considering getting braces, you probably browsed the internet for more information. Anyone new to the process will have lots of questions. Like – can adults even get braces? How long do braces take for adults? What do adults with braces look like before and after? As it is such a commitment, you want to be sure it will be worth it.

We can help you learn more! Here we will discuss some of the processes and give you more information on how long adults typically wear braces.

Consult With An Orthodontist Near You

No matter how much research you do beforehand, you won’t know anything about your specific situation until you meet with an orthodontist like Dr. Jewett. When you come in for your complimentary exam, Dr. Jewett will be considering a few different factors to determine how long you will be wearing braces.

Your age matters. The process of an adult wearing braces will take longer than a child. Your teeth are more stubborn and set in place, but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s too late to be treated.

How much correction work needs to be done? It’s impossible to say how long the process will take for you until you’ve seen a professional. If you’re fixing some minor crowding, you could have them off in less than a year. If you are dealing with something more severe, the process could take a few years. After that assessment, your orthodontist can determine what options you have for braces.

What kind of braces you can use varies. Depending on the severity of your case, Dr. Jewett may recommend clear aligners like the Invisalign in place of traditional braces. Aligners are popular because they’re less visible and can be removed easily before doing things like eating or brushing your teeth. However, they aren’t an option for everyone. You might be interested in lingual braces like inBrace that are placed on the inner side of your teeth so they aren’t visible. After your complimentary exam, you will know what options are available to you specifically and you will have a much better idea of how long the process will take.

Remember to Keep Up With The Maintenance

When you’re wondering how long braces take for adults, you can’t forget about the maintenance along the way. You could be slowing down the process by not following the orthodontist’s instructions. So if you don’t put the effort in to take care of your braces, you might be extending the time frame you initially got.

Even though it’s more difficult with braces to do things like floss or brush your teeth, you must practice good dental hygiene when you have them. When you choose to get braces, you’re committing to your teeth fully! So floss, brush and utilize mouthwash. Look into brushes and floss tools that are designed specifically for people with braces. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

Be more mindful of what you eat too. It’s hard to think about giving up some of the foods you love, but you have to decide if that bag of popcorn is worth another trip to the orthodontist. Ice or crunchy foods could end up breaking a wire or even a bracket, and you’ll have to see your orthodontist immediately to get it repaired. If you’re breaking your braces often it will really extend the process – not to mention adding to the cost. Plus following those basic care guidelines will make the whole process more comfortable.

Enjoy Your New Smile

Whether it’s less than a year or more than two, adult braces will give you the smile you love at the end. If you feel insecure about your teeth, committing the time and effort now could give you new confidence for the rest of your lifetime. The process takes time, but adults with braces love to see their before and after transformation. It’s not just about looks – when you’re dealing with misaligned teeth you develop an abnormal bite when you eat. So an issue like overcrowding could actually lead to poor teeth health and gum inflammation – which is painful and expensive in the long run.

If you’re curious about if adult braces are right for you, contact our Johnson City, TN Orthodontic office today and book your free consultation with Dr. Jewett!