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5 Tips for Bullying with Braces

teen with braces learns about bullying with braces

Braces are becoming more popular over recent years with an estimated four million people wearing braces at any given time! With new technological advancements that make braces more customizable and less noticeable than ever before (like InBrace® truly invisible braces), braces don’t hold the stigma they once did. However, children in school can still be […]

How long does it take to remove braces?

teen smiles before her braces removal appointment

Toward the end of your braces treatment, you’re probably feeling a bit antsy about getting your braces removed. We don’t blame you; it’s a big deal! The best way to combat anxieties or apprehension is through education. The more you know, the less you fear! Your friends at Local Orthodontics are here to ease any […]

3 Things to Expect on Your First Orthodontist Visit

family of four smiles after their first orthodontist visit

If you’ve never visited an orthodontist, you may be wondering what to expect when you walk through our doors! What happens at your first orthodontic appointment and what can you do to prepare before you get here? Your friends at Local Orthodontics are here to break it all down! We want you to feel comfortable, […]

5 Tips for Going Back to School with Braces (and Confidence!)

teens take a selfie together after their back to school orthodontic exams

*School bells ring in the distance* It’s that time again! Summer break has come to an end in Johnson City, and school is back in session. If you’re starting off the school year with a fresh metal grill, you may have mixed feelings. It’s only natural! Your experience with braces doesn’t have to be awkward, […]