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Healthy Gums = Beautiful Treatment Results

Young woman with a big smile showing her healthy gums

Beautiful smiles start with healthy gums! It’s important that you take care of your gums if you want to experience beautiful treatment results.  The gums are the foundations for the teeth, so they have to support the smile as it moves into its new position. When gum tissue is healthy, it’s strong and flexible – […]

Can I get cavities filled with braces?

Smiling young girl with braces

Before you begin treatment with any type of braces, you may be preparing for your big day and thinking about all of the exciting changes to come! As you run through your braces preparation checklist, you’ll find that maintaining great oral hygiene throughout your treatment is how you experience the greatest possible results.  It’s relatively […]

Veneers or braces? How to make the right choice for you

dental veneers Vs brace

As dental veneers have become more popular lately, you may be wondering if veneers are right for you! Are veneers the quicker alternative to braces? While it’s true that both braces and veneers are highly-effective, highly-transformative treatment options – they aren’t necessarily interchangeable. Veneers can’t treat orthodontic conditions, and braces can’t fix cosmetic conditions (like […]

What Happens If I Miss an Orthodontist Appointment?

Young girl with braces wonders if she misses her orthodontic appointment

Ahhh, it finally happened! A moment to yourself…But then it hits you. Your suspicious amount of free time is actually because you’ve missed your orthodontist appointment!  Whether your appointment slipped your mind or you’ve simply overbooked yourself, missing your Invisalign or braces appointment can prolong your treatment length.  Here’s what you need to know about […]