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Your Guide to a Nance (Holding) Appliance

child wearing nance appliance smiles

Orthodontic appliances are often used as companions in braces or Invisalign treatment. And a nance holding appliance, or simply a nance appliance, is just one of many types of orthodontic appliances. At your first visit, Dr. Jewett will perform a visual exam of your teeth and jaws, examine your digital x-rays, and create a custom […]

Beware of this DIY Teeth Whitening Trend!

TikTok kids learn the dangers of using magic eraser on teeth

TikTok continues to bring us many laughs, life hacks, and quirky dances! But the latest TikTok trend is an at-home-tooth-whitening technique that’s not so fun or safe. The video seems innocent and informative at first until you witness the final part of the woman’s oral health care routine— where she uses a magic eraser on […]

Behind the Ortho Scenes: The Pendulum Appliance

child with pendulum appliance rides on mother's back

So your orthodontist recommended a pendulum appliance for your child or teen, but what exactly is that? And how does it work?  When you visit our Johnson City office, Dr. Jewett will tell you everything you need to know about wearing and caring for any orthodontic appliance. But for now, let’s talk about the pendulum […]