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Can I Get Invisalign Just for My Bottom Teeth?


We often hear our Johnson City patients ask, “Can I get Invisalign® for bottom teeth only?” and the answer is yes! Invisalign clear aligners are available for the bottom teeth or top teeth of your jaw.

You may think that patients often require a full set of braces or Invisalign. However, orthodontic technology enables patients to choose a single-arch treatment. Nevertheless, it all depends on the current condition of your bite.

Once our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Jewett, reviews your smile using the iTero element scanner, he will determine the best course of treatment that suits your unique smile. All this can be done during your complimentary appointment at our Johnson City office.

What Is a Single-Arch Orthodontic Treatment?

When a patient decides to get braces or Invisalign for the bottom or top teeth, it is referred to as single-arch treatment. Although orthodontists recommend that most cases should be treated using both arches, certain patients are suitable for a single-arch treatment.

Single-arch treatment doesn’t only involve placing an arch and then monitoring your progress. We are also concerned with the occlusion of your bite, which involves assessing how your top and bottom teeth will fit when they come together to avoid any malocclusions.
Our team is dedicated to providing you with the quality care you deserve; that’s why we treat every patient as if they’re our only patient.

Who Can Get Invisalign For Bottom Teeth?

In certain instances, some patients have achieved the smile they longed for by using Invisalign for their bottom teeth. However, this treatment is considered on a case-by-case basis for it cannot always be practiced on everyone.

Usually, a single-arch treatment is carried out when the patient has mild crowding, spacing, or orthodontic deterioration, which requires a minimal orthodontic restoration. Another example in which we practice this method is with younger patients. Occasionally, Dr. Jewett will address one arch to younger patients undergoing interceptive treatment to pave the way for a more comprehensive treatment in the future.

As mentioned earlier, not everyone is a suitable candidate for single-arch treatment. Unfortunately, if you don’t have sufficient room in the front part of your bottom teeth, the clear aligner won’t fit properly and will throw off your bite. The only solution to this problem may be to treat both arches.

How Much Is Invisalign For Bottom Teeth?

It may come to you as a great surprise that the cost of Invisalign for bottom teeth doesn’t differ much from the regular Invisalign treatment. It should cost you about the same as regular invisalign treatment.

The cost of the full and half Invisalign procedure is quite similar, as this treatment requires diligence, quality material, and orthodontic expertise. We know opting for orthodontic treatment requires a commitment; that’s why our team provides the most efficient treatments by using advanced technology to deliver long-lasting results.

If finances are your biggest concern, our office offers affordable payment plans, special discounts, and a range of insurance plans to accommodate you. No matter your financial situation, you deserve affordable treatment with a quality orthodontist!

A lot of things come into play when creating a beautiful, healthy smile. Only a complimentary consultation will determine the most suitable treatment and identify any underlying issues that could cause complications in the long run. You can rest assured that Dr. Jewett will oversee your treatment in the best possible way through in-person appointments and adjustments.

At Local Orthodontics, we have the expertise your smile requires and want to see you smiling from the first day you leave our office. Schedule your free appointment or complete an online smile assessment today!