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Are digital x-rays more accurate?

framed picture of digital x rays of an orthodontic patient

Spoiler alert: Yes, digital x-rays are more accurate than traditional radiography! This is one of the many reasons why we choose to use digital x-rays in our Johnson City orthodontist office. Digital x-rays have a number of advantages – some of which may surprise you. While they produce more accurate x-ray images, they’re also kinder […]

Waterpik Vs Flossing: Which is Best with Braces?

teen with braces learns difference of waterpik flosser vs flossing

Are you dreading flossing with your new braces? All those brackets, rubber bands, and your archwire can be frustrating to maneuver around. But don’t lose hope! If you want to achieve your dream smile, it’s important to commit to a good oral hygiene routine!  Now you may have heard of a waterpik water flosser being […]